EDcellerate’s services will enhance your chances of identifying colleges that are “best fits” for you.   Thus completing your degree in one college and not having to go through the transfer process.   This can save money, time and anxiety.

We understand that choosing colleges that are “best fits” can be overwhelming.   Schools and colleges differ in philosophy, setting, size, and specialized services; and each student and their family’s situation is different we’ll help you to narrow down your choice with low anxiety!!

Here is our methodology

First, we’ll do an assessment and evaluation of your specific needs.

Next we’ll help you to narrow down your list of “best fit” colleges and assist with the application process.

We’ll give you advise on college visits and info sessions.

Then, we’ll guide you through the scholarship and funding process.

Finally, we’ll assist you with the transition from home to the freshman year!!  

Assessment and Evaluation

Identify your strengths and challenges. Students will be assessed to identify their career goals and academic strengths and weaknesses. They will then     focus on developing and enhancing their skills toward academic proficiency as they prepare to meet their career and college goal


  • Academic Evaluation
  • Transcript Evaluation
  • Standardized Test Results reviews
  • Career Interest Inventory

Finding the “Best Fit” Colleges

So many options!!  Colleges differ in philosophy, setting, size and specialized services and each student and their family’s situation is different. We  will help you explore your options and narrow down your search to find the college that best fits your educational, social and financial goals.


  • Review your school transcript in preparation for college entry
  • Coaching for selecting appropriate middle and high-school courses
  • Creating strategic application and college entrance test timelines
  • Review college profiles and environments
  • Guidance with completing the college application process
  • Organizing and planning college tours
  • Guidance with applying for a student visa
  • Coordinating college transfers
  • Provide guidance for campus tour
  • Craft an attention getting college acceptance essay
  • Preparing for college fair visits and tours
  • Coaching for effective college interviews 

Check out the Bermuda International College and University Fair in November.

Application Planning and Preparation

College planning and preparation should take place throughout middle and high school. We will guide the student and the parents though the                    process so that their college application will be competitive.


  • Create timelines and checklists for school courses
  • Recommendations for summer enrichment
  • Recommendations for job and volunteer opportunities
  • Recommendations for extracurricular activities and community service projects
  • Create strategic application and college entrance timelines
  • Create college preparation portfolio

Scholarships and Funding

Tuition, room and board, transportation, books, insurance… The cost of a college education can be daunting.  We will assist you in identifying potential scholarships and loans that can help defray the cost.


  • Narrowing down potential local scholarship options (BermudaScholarships.com)
  • Support with identifying merit scholarships from colleges
  • Guidance toward educational loans
  • Support in completing applications
  • Interview tips

Check out this website for scholarship options  www.BermudaScholarships.com

Transition from High School to Freshman Year

You’re on your way!!   What’s next?


  • Submitting final transcripts
  • Accepting the admission
  • Deciding which college to give final acceptance
  • Acceptance document deadlines
  • Housing
  • Budgeting
  • Course selection

Presentations & Seminars

Are you looking for a speaker for your next conference?  Seminar lecturer?

Our presentation and seminar lectures include:

  • College Planning and Preparation
  • Resume writing
  • Preparing the college essay
  • Scholarship Navigation
  • Understanding College Life
  • Gap Year options and opportunities
  • College Readiness for Students and Parents
  • Being a Student-Athlete
  • Application and Resume Bootcamp
  • Networking for College Students